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This Light Encoded Activation Series will bring you through a journey of unconscious to conscious awakening, remembering, understanding, new realizations and opening up to more NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS, for you to activate, anchor and shift through intentional action, more focus and assist you with transitioning with greater ease. It's an honor to have you join our NEW EARTH SOUL-STAR-LIGHT FAMILY.... Your presence, open heart, open mind and readiness are beyond important, necessary and KEY. 

During this series, we will be traveling through different topics relative to our Vibrational and Quantum Existences here. Re-working and shifting out of linearity is a process, that occurs on a cellular level, both within you and your external reality too. 

Once you complete registration, you'll receive our Welcome email with information regarding this series. YOU MUST OPEN & READ THIS EMAIL for the series to begin. The 1st Week's email will then be sent out within one hour to one day. Then, each week thereafter, you'll receive, delivered directly to your email inbox, so be sure to make sure that your address book is set to receive these accordingly. I'm not sure how long this series is going to be... 4 weeks, 8 weeks, 32 weeks... however long it "needs" to be, as feels appropriate. I may add more a year later. You never know! We shall see! ♥

It's an honor to have you here with us and to share parts of my journey to teach/share, bring forth more understanding of the intricacy's of CONTINUALLY EXPANDING OUR CONSCIOUSNESS, and to activate and catalyze in the most beneficial and valuable ways. 

With love, gratitude and appreciation for your pro-active and intentional participation, as well as all that you ARE and DO as love here too! ♥

Magical Blessings from Kauai, 

~ Lisa ☼

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